SMART Messages


MESSAGE 041111-03
DATE April 11, 2011
AUTHOR Purchasing
Subject Requisition Name Field
Message Text: What: Creation of Purchase Requisitions (e-Procurement)
Field: Requisition Name

In the Training Materials that were used for DAPO320 – Processing Purchase Requisitions (instructor led training), it was stated that an Agency should never use the Requisition Name field when creating new purchase requisitions in SMART.

Update 04-11-11:
We now recommend that Agencies use the Requisition Name field. The Requisition Name field is a free form text field containing a maximum of 30 characters (including spaces and punctuation). Agencies should use the Requisition Name field to enter information that will assist in locating or identifying the purchase requisition for future use. Using the Requisition Name field will also assist Agency staff in identifying requisitions whilst using the Manage Requisitions Page in SMART.

Please share this information with all Agency staff that create, edit, or approve Purchase Requisitions in SMART.

Many thanks and kind regards,
SMART Training Team







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