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MESSAGE 042011-01
DATE April 20, 2011
AUTHOR Data Warehouse
Subject Project Dimension in Data Warehouse
Message Text: Data Warehouse Users:

The Data Warehouse Team has identified an issue with the Project dimension. As delivered, you should only use columns from either the Project dimension OR the Project Activity dimension. When you use a column from both the Project and Project Activity dimensions (example: Project dimension>Project Id, Project Activity dimension>Activity Id), the request returns inaccurate results. To resolve this issue, we will be removing the Project dimension from all applicable subject areas. This update will take into effect April 21st. The Project Activity dimension can be used in place of the Project dimension and includes the Project ID and Project Desc as well as the Activity ID and Activity Desc.

By removing the Project Dimension from the applicable subject areas, any request created using a column in that dimension will be affected. Please review any saved requests you may have and make any necessary updates. The requests on statewide delivered dashboards do not require any modifications.

The following subject areas will be affected:
· FMS - AP - KS Vouchers and Payments
· FMS - ESA - KS Expense Reports
· FMS - GL - Commitment Control Activity Log








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