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MESSAGE 042611-02
DATE April 26, 2011
AUTHOR General Ledger
Subject Budget Structure Office Hours Appointment Announcement
Message Text:

Dear Budget Structure Update Task Participant,

You are invited to sign up for an ‘office hours’ appointment with a SMART Finance Team member in order to review your Budget Structure Update Task and Homework.

The purpose of the appointment is to give you the opportunity to discuss your Agency’s budget structure, and how to track your budget in SMART (for example, using tree levels). Attending an appointment will assist you in deciding and making changes to your FY2011 budget structure, so that you can implement a new Agency budget structure in SMART for FY2012. Appointment times are being made available to answer your questions and assist your Agency to prepare for the end of FY2011, and to get your budget set up correctly for the beginning of FY2012.

Important Notes

Ø Each Agency may submit only ONE request for an appointment. We will accept appointment requests from either the Agency Head, Budget Director, Chief Fiscal Officer, or their designated representative.

Ø Each Agency appointment is scheduled for a duration of 30 minutes.

Ø Appointments will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

Ø The SMART Training Team is coordinating the appointment schedule on behalf of the SMART Finance Team. We will make every attempt to match your order of preference for appointment time.

Ø If all your preferred appointment times are taken, you will be contacted to arrange an alternate appointment time.

Ø Office Hour appointments will be conducted in the Landon State office building, Topeka. Alternatively your Agency may request to have your meeting via a conference call for your convenience. If you choose the conference call option, please provide the telephone number that we should call to contact you.

Ø One SMART Finance Team representative will be available to meet with the representative(s) of your agency.

Ø Please indicate the total number of people from your agency that will be attending your appointment.

Ø Appointment submissions must be submitted PRIOR to 4:00 PM C.S.T. on 05/03/2011.

What to bring to your appointment: Please bring the Budget Structure Update Task to your appointment (a total of 5 pages, including the homework forms). Additionally, please bring a prepared list of the questions that you want answered during your appointment.

If you are unable to attend your appointment: If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please notify us immediately. Additionally, if you have an emergency the day of your appointment and are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please contact the SMART Help Desk at 785-368-8000, Option 2, to let them know you will be unable to attend your appointment.

How to sign up for an appointment: Please complete the Budget Structure Appointment Template and forward this email to The SMART Training Team will schedule your appointment, and will email you a confirmation of your scheduled appointment time and details.

Please note: The SMART Training Team are unable to advise your agency regarding any budgetary concerns or questions, we are merely assisting in the coordination of the appointment times for the SMART Finance Team. Thank you.

Budget Structure Appointment Template

First Name
Last Name
3 digit agency number
Agency Name
Phone Number

Email Address
Number of people attending

Appointment and Conference Call Times Available:

Friday 05-06-2011
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM
1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Monday 05-09-2011
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM
1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Agency Preference
Conference Call Phone Number, including extension number
(The phone number you want to be contacted at)

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

Inclement Weather: Please be advised that in the event of an “Inclement Weather” declaration for Topeka and communication from the Governor’s office, all Budget Structure Office Hour Appointments will be automatically cancelled. Please note that this strategy also applies to days designated with a “late start”.

Parking Information: If you work outside the Capitol Complex, you may park in Lot 4 which is located between Harrison Street and Topeka Boulevard near 12th Street.

Lot 4 - Parking Instructions:

Please complete the Parking Information Template listed below and forward this email to PRIOR to the beginning of your office hours appointment in the Landon State Office Building.

Alternatively you may call the Parking Administration Department at 785-296-5191 to report your parking information. If you choose to call the Parking Administration Department outside of normal business hours, you will need to leave a voice mail with this information. If you leave a voice mail, please speak clearly and slowly so that your information may be retrieved and reported correctly.

Parking Information for Lot 4

Tag Number:

Vehicle Color:

Vehicle Make:

Vehicle Model:

Name of driver:

State of Kansas Agency:

Contact Phone Number (while in your appointment):

For More Information: If you have questions regarding the logistics or need any type of special accommodation for your appointment to be successful, please contact the SMART Training team at as soon as possible.

Many thanks and sincere regards,

SMART Training Team









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