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MESSAGE 042811-01
DATE April 28, 2011
AUTHOR Purchasing
Subject Contractual Provisions Attachment (Form DA-146a Rev 04-11)
Message Text:

The Division of Purchases has issued Information Circular 11-05 to announce revisions to the Contractual Provisions Attachment (Form DA-146a Rev 04-11).

Agencies are expected to start using this revised form immediately for locally prepared contracts.

Changes to the DA-146a form were made as a result of experiences during contract development efforts, where vendors have challenged the language within the form.

A copy of the DA-146a for everyday use can be found at the following website:

For your convenience, a SAMPLE of the revised form is attached. The sample uses the MS Word “track changes” tool to illustrate the changes made during the latest review and revision efforts.

Thank you for your time and consideration.







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