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MESSAGE 051711-01
DATE May 17, 2011
AUTHOR Technical
Subject SMART Training Changes

Message Text:

Dear Agencies,

The SMART Student Center is being retired at the end of May 2011. We are sending you this email to provide you with an overview of important information. Additional details will be provided at the ASTRA meeting being held on 05-19-2011.

Guide to Attachments with this email:

1. SMART Training Registration – May 2011 – Word Document containing the new business process flow

2. SMART Agency Security Liaison List – provided by SMART Help Desk for your information

3. SHARP Training Administrators List – provided by SHARP Security team for your information

Please note that the ASTRA presentation information will be available on the ASTRA website. Thank you.

Important Changes:

The SMART Student Center is being retired on 05-31-11. All SMART training courses, registrations, enrollments, completions, history, and information is being transferred from the SMART Student Center. Current courses and enrollment information will be transferred first. Historical data will follow at a later date.

All students enrolled in the June 2011 SMART Classes will have their enrollment information transferred from the SMART Student Center into SHaRP at time of cut over. There is no change to accessing or taking the SMART web based training class on the SMART website > Training Page > Course Catalog.

Due to the cut over from the SMART Student Center to SHaRP, training enrollment for SMART instructor led classes will have a slight change in business process from an Agency perspective.

Each student will now need to be scheduled for their required instructor led training classes in SHaRP PRIOR to the Agency’s Security Liaison submitting a Help Desk ticket with the Security Access Form for security role assignments/access in SMART. A list of current SMART Agency Security Liaisons is included with this email.

Agency Considerations:

Will enrollment for SMART Instructor Led Training courses be centralized or decentralized for your Agency?

There are two options for your Agency to choose from regarding enrollment for instructor led training classes in SMART:

Option 1 – Centralized Approach
Your Agency should have the SHaRP Training Administrator role assigned to one of your staff (plus an additional person assigned with this role as a back up). This person (and the back up person) are responsible for enrolling your Agency staff in the required SMART Instructor led training courses. In this way your Agency will be able to control and monitor SMART Instructor led training enrollments.

Please note: If your Agency does not already have a SHaRP Training Administrator role assigned to at least one of your staff members, please submit a SHaRP Security Request Form to designate at least two individuals with this role if you choose this option. A list of current SHaRP Agency Training Administrators is included with this email.

Important: In order for a person to receive the SHaRP Training Administrator role, each person will need to complete the SHaRP web based training course and test for the SHaRP Training Administrator role prior to submitting a request for the role assignment.

Please email if you have questions related to SHARP access.

Option 2 – Decentralized Approach
Your Agency may select to have agency staff enroll themselves in their required instructor led training courses for SMART training. This will allow each employee to log into the SHaRP Self Service module to enroll in their required SMART instructor led training courses.

It is recommended that each Agency communicate the Agency policy regarding centralized or decentralized enrollment to its employees.


- How do I know what training to enroll in, or what training to enroll my employees in?

Each Agency is responsible for determining the SMART security access roles that each person will require in order to be able to perform his/her job duties within SMART. (Your Agency’s SMART Security Liaison is familiar with this process).

The SMART Website > Technical Resources Page ( ) contains the SMART Security Handbook, and the User Role to Training Course Mapping spreadsheet.

· Use the SMART Security Handbook to determine what SMART Security Access roles are required for the individual.

· Use the Role to Course Mapping spreadsheet to determine and list which courses the individual will need to complete.

· Use the list to create training request(s) in SHaRP.

This information will be covered in greater detail during the May 2011 ASTRA meeting on 05-19-2011 at the Kansas Museum of History.

Many thanks and sincere regards,

SMART Training Team




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