SMART Messages


MESSAGE 072210-07
DATE July 22, 2010
AUTHOR Purchasing
Subject Internet Explorer v8 Causing Issues With Staples Purchases

Message Text: Agencies using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) as their primary internet browser have experienced failures when using SMART to purchase merchandise from Staples. The SMART Team, together with the Division of Information Systems and Communications (DISC), has determined that Mozilla’s Firefox 3.6 browser does not cause this failure. Mozilla’s Firefox 3.6 browser is supported by PeopleSoft, and DISC has authorized us to recommend that SMART users who use Direct Connect to purchase items from Staples use Firefox 3.6 instead of IE8. End-users experiencing this problem should work with their agencies’ IT staffs to download the Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser from  as a temporary solution to this problem. The SMART team is working on a long-term solution to resolve this problem.


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