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MESSAGE 072710-01
DATE July 27, 2010
AUTHOR Finance
Subject Notify Buttons in SMART

Message Text: The SMART Team is providing this information regarding the functionality of various “Notify” buttons within SMART. We hope this information assists your agency’s users in using SMART.
Basic Information on Notify: Please keep in mind that “Notify” buttons appear on many pages within nearly all SMART modules. Many of those Notify buttons are not intended to be used or required to use the functionality of the page.
Accounts Receivable (AR):
·         Interfunds: The notify button on the Interfund pages is intended to be used by agencies as part of the interfund process functionality.
·         AR and Billing: There are pages in Accounts Receivable and Billing where a Notify button appears. However, no AR processes require use of the Notify button.
Projects: Grants managers may use Notify to communicate approaching milestones such as reporting deadlines to the Grants Principal Investigator (PI). The navigation path with the Projects module for using this Notify functionality is Grants>>Award Profile>> Milestones. You can find more information in the web-based training for PC362 (Manage Grants), at   This training includes:
·         Instructions for setting and using milestones in the Grants module
·         Using Notify to send email regarding milestones to the PI
·         Adding additional milestones
·         Main Contract Entry Page: Users may use the Notify button at the bottom of the Main Contract Entry page to inform the Division of Purchases’ Procurement Officer of a contract needing review and approval. To find more specific information on using Notify in this area, please refer to the web-based training for PO325 at
·         Purchase Order (PO) Page: Agencies may elect to use the Notify button on the Purchase Order page internally to route POs to a Buyer’s Manager for approval rather than the Buyer. Although this process was not covered in training, this functionality is available to agencies and will put the PO on the Buyer’s Manager’s worklist.
·         ePro: There is no Notify button on ePro

Asset Management (AM): There are pages in AM where a Notify button appears. However, no AM processes require use of the Notify button in Asset Management.
Accounts Payable (AP): There are pages in AP where a Notify button appears. However, no AP processes require use of the Notify button.

General Ledger (GL):  There are pages in SL where a Notify button appears. However, no GL processes require use of the Notify button.


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