SMART Messages


MESSAGE 080210-04
DATE August 2, 2010
AUTHOR Accounts Payable
Subject Vendor Adds and Vendor Updates/Changes

Message Text:Vendor adds may be entered in SMART by agencies either online or via the INF04; vendor adds will require approval by Division of Accounts and Reports before the vendor record is available for use. Vendor updates/changes should be submitted to Division of Accounts and Reports for entry into SMART. If an agency adds a new address to an existing vendor or a new location, the vendor status changes to “Unapproved” and the vendor is unavailable for use until it is re-approved by Division of Accounts and Reports. Any addition of a vendor address or vendor location is considered an update/change and all changes should be sent to Division of Accounts and Reports. It is not an appropriate workaround to add a brand new vendor record in order to add a new address or location in SMART.


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