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MESSAGE 082010-01
DATE August 20, 2010
AUTHOR Accounts Payable
Subject Processing Transactions Against Prior Year Encumbrance After When Federal Fund Numbers Changed

Message Text: Procedures to state agencies concerning the processing of transactions against prior year encumbrances and purchase orders when the federal fund number was changed due to the SMART CFDA Project.

  • For fiscal year 2011, State agencies will process prior year transactions against the prior year encumbrances and purchase orders using the old federal funding.
  • When the agency receives reimbursement from the federal granting agency the deposit will be made to the old federal funding.
  • Accounts and Reports staff will monitor transactions against the old federal funds through-out each month, and will move expenditures to the new federal funds, and will also move cash balances and expenditure authority as needed to the new federal funds.
  • Accounts and Reports staff will make every effort to have prior month’s transactions completed by the end of the first week of the following month to aid agencies in federal reporting requirements.
  • Once the encumbrances and purchase orders are completely liquidated, any monies remaining in the old fund will be moved to the new federal funding and the old federal funding will be made inactive.

Should you have any questions concerning this procedure, please contact Roger Basinger with the Division of Accounts and Reports at (785) 296-8083 or by email at


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