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MESSAGE 083110-02
DATE August 31, 2010
AUTHOR Accounts Receivable
Subject Accounts Receivable Information: New Deposit Query, Locating Journal ID on Voucher or Direct Journal Deposit, Budget Check Errors

Message Text:

  • Budget Check Errors for Accounts Receivable Transaction.  Please follow the below listed navigation to locate Budget Check Errors for Direct Journal Deposits: Commitment Control>Review Budget Check Exceptions>Revenues>Direct Journal.  It is best practice to review transactions for Budget Check Errors daily.  If you have an Accounts Receivable transaction in Budget Check Error, please log a ticket with the Help Desk in order to resolve.
  • How Can I tell if my Interfund has Processed?  Interfunds in SMART require that both the Voucher and Deposit be approved before processing.  Once both sides are approved, the Voucher is released for Budget Check.  Upon having a ‘Valid’ Budget Status on the Voucher, the Deposit is then released for Budget Check.  Once both sides have a ‘Valid’ Budget Status Journals can be generated.  For the purpose of Interfund, it is complete when both sides have a Valid Budget Status and Journal ID’s.
  • Locating Journal ID on a Direct Journal Deposit (Interfund and Non-Interfund): Accounts Receivable>Payments>Direct Journal Payments>Modify Accounting Entries.  Enter the Deposit ID and click the search button.  Once the accounting is displayed, scroll to the far right of the page.  The last two columns are titled ‘Journal ID’ and ‘Journal Date.
  • Locating Journal ID on a Voucher (Interfund and Non-Interfund): Accounts Payable>Review Accounts Payable Info>Vouchers>Accounting Entries.  Enter the Voucher ID and click the search button.  Once the accounting information is displayed, click the ‘Journal’ tab.  The first three columns are titled ‘Journal ID’, ‘Line’ and ‘Journal Date’.
  • New Deposit Query Available (KS_AR_DIRECT_JOURNAL_GL_BU):  Many Agencies have expressed the need to see all Deposits made by them or on behalf of them.   A new query titled KS_AR_DIRECT_JOURNAL_GL_BU  is now available in SMART.  This query pulls Direct Journal Deposit data based off of the GL Business Unit and Date Range entered.  All data returned in this query has been Journal Generated, meaning the deposit has went through the Deposit Approval process and is posted in the GL.  Should you have any questions regarding this query, please log a Help-Desk ticket with the wording KS_AR_DIRECT_JOURNAL_GL_BU in the title.


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