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MESSAGE 110310-01
DATE November 03, 2010
AUTHOR Purchasing
Subject 4th Quarter Price File for Staples went into effect on November 1st.

Message Text:  As previously announced by the Division of Purchases on October 27, 2010, the 4th Quarter Price File for Staples went into effect on November 1st.

Staples honors prices at the time of PO dispatch, not requisition creation. If a requisition was created prior to Nov 1st, but the PO was not dispatched until Nov 1st or later, items will be billed at the new price. Therefore, Staples’ item prices will likely NOT match those on the PO. This applies to invoiced and P-card transactions.

For POs in this situation we encourage the agency to process a change order prior to reconciling the P-Card transactions and/or vouchering the PO to reflect the increased price. By doing so, you will minimize budget exceptions on the voucher. Instruction received in training indicated that you should not process change orders against Staples POs since Staples will not process POs with the same PO ID. In this case, you will need to change the “Dispatch Method” to “Phone”.

If the agency wishes to adjust the pricing on the voucher, you will need to copy in the PO then add a voucher line to reflect the pricing adjustments. If your agency is paying by P-Card, you may end up with budget exceptions on the voucher using this method.



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