SMART Messages


MESSAGE 111710-01
DATE November 17, 2010
AUTHOR General Ledger
Subject New query now available in SMART
Message Text: Dear Colleague

We are pleased to announce that the following query is now available in SMART: KS_GL_SALARIES_WAGES_EXPENSES

This query provides summarized Salary and Wage expenses from the General Ledger. It includes original and adjusted payroll expenses by date range. The query can be used to reconcile with the SHaRP Payroll Reports KPAYGL5C or KPAYWAGE.

The following report has also been enhanced and is now available in SMART: Cash Balance Report (KGL00001)

Navigation: General Ledger> General Reports> Cash Balance Report

This report provides the General Ledger Cash Balances by Fund, Budget Unit and Account by Accounting Period. Previously, this report could only be run for the prior month and current month and did not include the Budget Unit information.



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