SMART Messages


MESSAGE 120210-01
DATE December 2, 2010
AUTHOR Purchasing
Subject P-Card Status query is now available
Message Text:

The P-Card Status query is now available. This query will list P-Card transactions in the following status’: Staged, Verified or Approved.

Navigation: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer > KS_PO_PCARD_STATUS

SMART Role(s) with Access: KPO_Agy_P-Card_Admin; KPO_Cen_P-Card_Admin

Search: The system must have the Business Unit and Billing Date (date the transaction is loaded into SMART ) entered to return results. The results will include all P-Card transactions with the above listed status’ and with a billing date prior to the billing date entered. Approved transactions will move to a voucher during the Monday or Thursday process if the budget status and chartfield status is Valid. If they are not valid, the transactions will not move. These fields are also listed in this query.

Status Translations:
Value   Short Name
0           Staged
2           Verified
3           Approved




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