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MESSAGE 121510-01
DATE December 15, 2010
AUTHOR Data Warehosue
Subject New Subject Area is Now Available in the Data Warehouse
Message Text: Dear Colleague

We are pleased to announce that the following subject area is now available in the data warehouse:

FMS – ESA – KS Expense Reports
· Data is based on Expense Reports entered through the Travel and Expense module in SMART
· Data extracted on weeknights
· Data available is based on GL Business Unit security
· Includes
o Paid and unpaid expense reports where the expend method is cash; Unpaid expense report information is reloaded each time data is extracted so that updates and deletes are accurately reflected in the data warehouse
o Journalled expense reports*
o Pre-paid expenses*
o Denied expense reports
o Denied expense lines*
o Non-reimbursable expense lines*

*Data is not moved to the data warehouse until the Expense Report status is “Paid.”
NOTE: Incomplete Expense Reports that have not been submitted (i.e., the “Save For Later” button was used to store information until the report could be completed) may not be displayed in the data warehouse if key fields, such as expense method, have not been entered.

Example Reports:
Total Expense by ChartField**
Expense Reports by Employee
Approval Status of Expense Reports and individual lines
Payment Status of Expense Reports, including cancelled and reissued payments

**Reminder – “Expense” in this example represents only those expenses entered through the Travel and Expense module. Voucher-related expenses can be queried through the FMS – AP – KS Vouchers and Payments subject area.



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