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MESSAGE 121510-02
DATE December 15, 2010
AUTHOR Purchasing
Subject Open Encumbrance Report Timing
Message Text: Subject: Open Encumbrance Report Timing

Dear Colleague,
Budgetary Reporting in SMART provides a “point-in-time” snapshot of a budgetary position. Budget activity is fluid and updated each time a transaction is budget checked. Vouchers paid this month impact the balance of encumbrances entered in a prior month. Refer to the Budget vs. Actuals reporting job aid.

The SMART team understands that many agencies have a need to report encumbrance balances “as of” the end of each month or quarter. To achieve this reporting, schedule standard encumbrance reports (listed below) to run on the first day of each calendar month. An explanation of report scheduling is located here.

Reports with detailed encumbrance information:
Req and PO Budgetary Status Report
Navigation: Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Reports>Req and PO Budgetary Activity

Data Warehouse Commitment Control Activity Log Subject Area:
Report created for all agency use – shows PO encumbrances, Travel Authorizations, and GL encumbrances: CEN_GL Commitment Control Activity Log-R-Encumbrance_Activity (COMING SOON!)

Other Examples of Data Warehouse Reports that agencies can create:
Total encumbrances by source transaction (purchase orders and travel authorizations)
Encumbrance document details (Purchase Order Id and Travel Authorization ID)
Revenue Budget Activity details (revenue by deposit id and journal id)

Thank you,



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