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MESSAGE 121710-01
DATE December 17, 2010
AUTHOR Accounts Payable
Subject Processing AP Journals and Expense Journals
Message Text: The SMART Team is aware that AP Journals and Expense Journals do not impact Cash in the General Ledger. We ask that as of Monday, December 20th, 2010 you begin processing AP and Expense Journals according to the referenced Desk Aids. We also ask that you take no action on correcting cash (by processing a GL Journal) due to previously processed AP and Expense Journals; the SMART Team is responsible for making correcting entries. An email will be sent next week in regards to AP and Expense Journal transactions your Agency has processed from 7/1/10-12/17/10. If you have questions, please log a Help Desk with the title ‘AP/TE Journal – Cash’.

Desk Aid T&E Journals and Desk Aid AP Journal will be available on the SMART website effective Monday December 20th.

Thank you

The SMART Team



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