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The Central Accounting Services Section serves as the central point for all statewide accounting transactions for the State of Kansas. The section maintains the central accounting system, processes accounting transactions against that system and issues financial reports as required by statute, or as required by management. The section operates in a diverse and complex multi-agency environment with frequently changing conditions. Requirements of the system are impacted by changes in state and federal legislation and policies and by reporting requirements of system users. The activities of the section involve a cycle which includes recording into the central accounting system appropriations authorized by the Legislature, Finance Council or Executive Directives; processing transactions initiated centrally, or by state agencies, to affect revenues, expenditures, transfers, or other authorized accounting activity against the recorded authorizations; and, reconciling the central accounting system records and issuing financial reports that reflect the financial activity and condition of the State.

Central Accounting Services Section staff provide counseling and assistance to state agency personnel in:

  • Interpretation of statutes, appropriation bills, executive directives, finance council actions, and other legally binding actions that may impact agency budgets or expenditure authorization.
  • Preparation, submission, processing of accounting documents through the statewide central accounting system (Receipt Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, Encumbrance Documents, Journal Entry Requests, and other accounting documents).


The Central Accounting Services Section is organized into three teams:

Appropriations/Master Lease Purchase Team: The Appropriations/Master Lease Purchase Team is responsible for the interpretation of statutes, legislative appropriation bills, Finance Council actions, executive directives, and other authorities and entering such authorizations into the central accounting system control tables; creation and issuance of the statewide central chart of accounts; maintenance of 1099 Miscellaneous Income Statement and nonresident income reporting information, issuance of the annual statements to vendors and to the Internal Revenue Service and the Kansas Department of Revenue; maintaining the Average Daily Balance system to allocate interest earnings as authorized by law; processing all authorized demand and revenue transfers; and, coordinates the cancellation of state warrants that have been outstanding for more than one year; enables state agencies to lease purchase equipment at low, tax-exempt interest rates, generally at a much lower cost than vendor or third-party financing. Click here to learn more about the State of Kansas Lease Purchase Program.

Financial Integrity Team: The Financial Integrity team is responsible for the reconciliation of the central accounting system records; the maintenance of official State accounting reports; the creation and issuance of the State Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; the reconciliation of the annual budget worksheets extract; and the maintenance of authorized local bank account information.

Audit Services Team: The Audit Services Team processes agency initiated accounting transactions (payment vouchers, receipt vouchers, journal entry requests, encumbrance transactions, etc); coordinates the statewide inventory system; manages the state delegated audit program; manages the state Business Procurement Card program; manages the employee corporate credit card program; maintains the STARS vendor file; and, resolves central suspense problems, or assists agency personnel in resolving those problems.


  • Process $10.3 billion statewide expenditures annually from all funds
  • Process $10.3 billion statewide revenues annually to all funds
  • Issue 3.6 million state warrants annually
  • Process 500,000 electronic deposit payments to vendors annually
  • Create, or maintain, 1,800 funds in the central accounting system annually
  • Create, or maintain, 5,900 accounts in the central accounting system annually
  • Issue 24,200 1099 Miscellaneous Income Statements annually



Martin Eckhardt
Manager, Accounting Services
voice: (785) 296-2661
email: martin.eckhardt@da.ks.gov
Mike Lovich
Team Lead, Accounting Systems Team
voice: (785) 296-2131
email: mike.lovich@da.ks.gov 
Randy Kennedy
Team Lead, Audit Services Team
voice: (785) 296-2125
email: randy.kennedy@da.ks.gov 
Roger Basinger
Team Lead, Appropriations/Master Lease   
Purchase Team
voice: (785) 296-8083
email: roger.basinger@da.ks.gov 
Gail Barnhart
Team Lead, Financial Integrity Team
voice: (785) 296-3404
email: gail.barnhart@da.ks.gov 

Additional contact information for Central Accounting Services personnel available under "How to Contact Us"

Central Accounting Services fax: (785) 296-6841

Main A & R number - voice: (785) 296-2311