Kansas Department of Administration, Office of General Services
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General Accounting

Capital Asset and Inventory Reporting
Address Guidelines

  • If an agency does not know an address, they can contact the local 911 Dispatch Center Administrator for assistance. Another source is the local permit or land use office.
  • If a property is vacant and has never been assigned an address, the PLSS (Public Land Survey System) data may be used (Section, Township, Range).
  • Each parcel of land that has a separate deed should be listed separately using that parcel's address.

Address Data 
Address Number
Directional Prefix
Street Name
Street Type
Directional Suffix
Unit (i.e. APT, STE, BLDG)
Unit Number
City Name
Zip Code

Directional Prefixes & Suffixes 
Abbreviations will be used for all directional data.

Example      Abbreviation
North N
South S
East E
West W
Northwest           NW
Northeast NE
Southwest SW
Southeast SE

Address Numbers
When possible, characters other than letters and whole numbers should be avoided in the address number. Example: 2456 A is preferable to 2456

Street Names 
Numeric street names will be written with numbers rather than spelled out. Example, "1st" will be used rather than "FIRST". Numeric street names shall include "TH", "RD", "ST" or "ND".

Highway abbreviations shall be input as shown below with no spaces.

Example Abbreviation
Interstate Highway 35         I-35
US Highway 50 US-50
State Highway 96 K-96

Street Type 
Street types will be abbreviated. Acceptable street type abbreviations can be found in Appendix C of the Postal Addressing Standards, Pub. 28, August, 1995:


Common Types     Abbreviation
Alley ALY
Avenue AVE
Boulevard BLVD
Circle CIR
Court CT
Lane LN
Parkway PKWY
Place PL
Plaza PLZ
Road RD
Street ST
Terrace TER

Kansas Geospatial Data Addressing Standard dated October 29, 1999 contains additional information on valid addresses: