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General Accounting


TO: Cabinet Secretaries and
State Agency Leadership
FROM: Art Hall
Governor's Economic Advisor
Executive Director for BEST
DATE: May 6, 2003
SUBJECT:     Data Request from BEST

As you know, the B.E.S.T. effort has chartered an inter-agency team to improve the State's inventory control systems. One aspect of that project is to map the location of key assets using the State's Geographic Information System (GIS). The Kansas Information Technology Office (KITO) has evaluated the database of land and buildings (maintained by Accounts and Reports) and determined that a large percentage of entries do not include a properly formatted address that can be used to reference the location of the asset. For example, an address shown as 1st and Main does not reference an addressable location, but rather an intersection.

B.E.S.T.'s goal is to correct this deficiency and update the land and building inventory by June 1st, so that we can keep our inventory control improvement project on track. Normally, your agency would not report its holdings of land and buildings to Accounts and Reports until August 31st. Our request is that you (1) accelerate the normal reporting time line to Accounts and Reports for land (DA-84) and buildings (DA-86) to June 1, 2003 (2) submit your complete holdings of land and buildings, including updated addresses that match the format provided in the Division of Accounts and Reports Policy and Procedure Manual Filing No.13,001 and (3) submit any additions or deletions occurring to your land and building inventory during the month of June, to the Division of Accounts and Reports by July 7, 2003 due to fiscal year close out.

Form DA-84 Land - Description of Fields

  1. Property number - Six digit numeric field.
  2. County code - Two character alpha field.
  3. Sec. No. - Three digit numeric field. Section in which property is located.
  4. Twp. No. - Three digit alpha/numeric field. Township in which property is located.
  5. Range No. - Three digit alpha/numeric field. Range in which property is located.
  6. Address - Location of property
    1. Street - Twenty-five character alpha/numeric field.
    2. City - Three character alpha field.

Example of Section, Township, Range: Sec 01, Township 33S, Range 21E

Example of Address: 1000 SW Jackson St

Please direct any questions about location/address format to Gary Bond at 785-296-2287. Please direct general questions to Marilyn Jacobson, Department of Administration, 785-296-6060. Should you need additional time due to special circumstances, please contact me directly at 785-296-4674.