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TO: Inventory Control Officers
FROM: Art Hall
Executive Director for BEST
DATE: May 20, 2003
SUBJECT:     Addendum to BEST data request of May 6, 2003

Thank you for helping BEST improve the accuracy of some of the key elements of A&R's land and building database.  As you know, the information you are gathering will allow for GIS mapping of the State's land and buildings.  In addition to land and buildings, we want to use the GIS tool to map other types of assets/equipment, so as to promote the sharing of resources.  This mapping exercise will improve everyone's ability to ascertain the scope and availability of State resources.

After reviewing our data gathering strategy for assets that agencies might like to share, we realized that the Building and Improvement Inventory report (DA 86) will be the best way to gather information about meeting space, computer labs, and space for rent in buildings owned by the State. For those entities who own a building and will be submitting a DA 86 on June 1st the following additional information, if applicable to a building, is requested in Field 8 - Description:

  1. Meeting space capacity;
  2. Computer training lab capacity; and
  3. Square footage of space available for rent.

We regret that we did not spot this opportunity when we first asked you to help us with the land and buildings data. 

Additionally, it has been brought to our attention that information to submit any additions or deletions to your land and building inventory during the final two months of the fiscal year will not be available to meet the July 7th deadline. Any updates to the DA 84 (Land) or DA 86 (Building) reports submitted on June 1st due to fiscal year close out should be submitted to the Division of Accounts and Reports NLT August 31, 2003.

Thanks for all of you help.