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DATE:  September 11, 1996
SUBJECT: DA-40, Magnetic Tape/Dataset Voucher Transmittal Form
EFFECTIVE DATE:      September 16, 1996
A & R CONTACT: Payroll Services     (785) 296-3146      
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Use of transmittal form

In order to facilitate SHARP/STARS reconciliation efforts, the attached DA-40, Magnetic Tape/Dataset Voucher Transmittal form has been revised to include STARS document number information . The revised form should be used by all Regent institutions for payroll purposes effective with datasets submitted to the Department of Administration on or after September 16, 1996. This form should be used when submitting the DA-175, DA-176, and STARS payroll data files or if a DA-35 file is being submitted for a payroll prior period funding adjustment.

Regents institutions should complete one DA-40 form for each type of dataset file being submitted. For example, a DA-40 form should accompany the DA-175 file and another form should accompany the STARS funding file. The dataset name assigned to the file should identify whether the information applies to a DA-175/DA-176, a STARS funding file, or a DA-35 file.

For each DA-40 form submitted for payroll purposes, Regents institutions should complete the field entitled 'STARS Document Numbers'. This field should reflect the range of document numbers assigned to the STARS detail transactions contained in the file being submitted for processing. For example, DA-175 information (using PSU and FHSU document numbering methodology) would be entered as: V4080001 - V4080123, S4080001 - S4080123. STARS document numbers for DA-176 and STARS funding files should be completed in the same manner.


Attachment: DA-40