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Accounts and Reports

DATE:  October 31, 1996
SUBJECT: Board of Regents Institutions
EFFECTIVE DATE:      Immediately
A & R CONTACT: Payroll Services     (785) 296-3146      
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Regents Remittance Interface Files--Reduction of Record Requirements.

The Division of Accounts and Reports has completed a review of the record requirements on the Regents Remittance Interface files for the Department of Administration payroll clearing funds 7700 (Health and Hospitalization Insurance Clearing Fund) and 7730 (State Leave Payment Reserve Fund). It was determined that summary level detail available by index code in STARS was sufficient to track the activity required for statistical reporting and meet the reconciliation and remittance requirements performed by the Reconciliation and Remittance Team.

As a result the following records should be deleted from future Regents Remittance Interface Files:

  1. all indexes for fund 7730--State Leave Payment Reserve Fund
  2. the following indexes for fund 7700--Health and Hospitalization Insurance Fund
    1. 9743: GHI-Tobacco
    2. 9745: GHI-Participation Fee
    3. 9744 and 9844: GHI-Wellness (employee and employer shares)
    4. 9846: GHI-Agency Special Fund Medical
    5. 9847: GHI-Agency Special Fund Dental

The attached schedule revises Informational Circular No. 1327, dated February 19, 1996, as it pertains to funds 7730 and 7700. Please note that index codes 9740, 9840, 9741, 9841, 9742 and 9842 from fund 7700 (GHI) will continue to be required. This change should be implemented with the next Regents Remittance file submitted by your agency. Any incorrect files already submitted for Fund 7730 will not have to be resubmitted. Please note that this change has no effect on the detail required on Pay Detail, STARS, or DA-175 Regents Interface files.