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INFORMATIONAL CIRCULAR NO. 98-P-026 (Supersedes 97-R-003) 
DATE:  April 6, 1998
SUBJECT: DA-40, Magnetic Tape/Dataset Voucher transmittal Form Regent Institutions Only
EFFECTIVE DATE:      Immediately
A & R CONTACT: Myrene Bears     (785) 296-5368      
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Changes to Transmittal Form

In order to facilitate SHARP/STARS reconciliation efforts for Regents Payroll, the attached DA- 40, Magnetic Tape/Dataset Voucher Transmittal form fields and definitions have been revised as follows.
  • "Generation Dataset Number" replaces "Tape Label (if used)" Leave the field blank.
  • "IN_Batch_Effective_Date: date to be processed" replaces "Month Charged to STARS" IN_Batch_Effective_Date is the same as shown on the header record of the STARS funding file: it will be the check issue date for the payroll cycle the transactions are being processed in per informational circular 98-P-005.

In addition, please submit two copies if the form is for payroll data.

Continue to submit the STARS document numbers used for clearing fund processing. If more than one document is used, an alternative to showing the range of document numbers would be to show the first five or six digits of the document number: example, S5015001 through S5015026 could be shown as S5015*** or S50150**.


Attachment:DA-40 Magnetic Tape/Dataset Voucher Transmittal (pdf)