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Accounts and Reports

INFORMATIONAL CIRCULAR NO. 99-P-003 (Supersedes 97-R-008) 
DATE:  September 30, 1998
SUBJECT: Board of Regents Institutions
EFFECTIVE DATE:   Immediately
A & R CONTACT: Abby Moore     (785) 296-2133      
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: KPERS Quarterly Remittance Totals Verification

Effective with the third quarter 1998, Regents will no longer be required to verify quarterly KPERS remittance file totals with the Payroll Reconciliation\Remittance Team. KPERS annual remittance datasets will continue to be received, processed, and reviewed per the updated attachment.

The elimination of the KPERS Quarterly Remittance totals verification process discussed above supersedes Informational Circular No. 97-R-008, dated December 11, 1996, that has an attachment titled "Regents Remittance Reports/Interface by Fund." This attachment required RGKPER-Summary of Tape Totals and PYRLR048-Transactions Not on Quarterly Tape to be sent to Payroll Services.

Questions regarding this informational circular should be directed to the Division of Accounts and Reports, Abby Moore, Payroll Services at (785) 296-2133.


Attachment (.pdf)