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DATE:  October 13, 1998
SUBJECT: Other Remuneration
EFFECTIVE DATE:   Immediately
A & R CONTACT: Payroll Services     (785) 296-3146      
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Authorization To Discontinue Tracking Other Remuneration In SHARP Version 7.0

Pursuant to the legal opinion dated October 12, 1998 as provided by the Department of Administration legal staff, the tracking of Other Remuneration in SHARP version 7.0 payroll system is being discontinued effective immediately.

There should NOT be any usage of the "REM" earnings code with the first paychecks issued out of SHARP version 7.0. This applies to the pay period beginning October 4, 1998 and ending October 17, 1998 with a paycheck date of October 30, 1998.

Please do not use the "REM" earnings code on the timesheets. If you have "REM" setup as additional pay, please access the Additional Pay 1 panel through Go/Compensate Employees/Maintain Payroll Data U. S./Use/Additional Pay. Enter 10/4/98 as the "EARN END DATE" to discontinue tracking Other Remuneration. Please be sure that you have the appropriate Additional Pay panel for the "REM" earnings code and that the "Addl Seq #" is set to 1. The "Ok to Pay" box should also be turned off (left blank).