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DATE:  January 7, 1999
SUBJECT: Visa Permit Record on Regents' Inbound Management Reporting Interface
EFFECTIVE DATE:   February 1, 1999
A & R CONTACT: Nancy Ruoff     (785) 296-5369  
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Add/Change Capability for Visa Permit Record on Regents' Inbound Management Reporting Interface

A field has been added to the Visa Permit Record on the Regents inbound management reporting interface (MRI) to allow for the designation of the record as an Add (New Record) or Change (Change existing record). The valid values are 'A' (Add) or 'C' (Change). A copy of the updated MRI layout is attached to this circular; the Visa Permit Record is located on page 12 of the layout and is the only record being changed at this time.

As the Visa Permit Data is not an effective dated record, the 'Add' capability should only be utilized if there is no existing Visa Permit record in SHARP for the employee. The 'Change' capability should be used to make a change to an employee's existing Visa Permit Data record. The new file layout will go into effect for all Regent MRIs submitted for processing on or after February 1, 1999.

Any questions regarding this information should be directed to Nancy Ruoff in the Payroll Services Section at (785) 296-5369.

Attachment (.pdf)