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Accounts and Reports

DATE:  June 23, 1999
SUBJECT: KPAY710 - Department Budget Earnings Report
EFFECTIVE DATE:   June 28, 1999
A & R CONTACT: Steve Banning     (785) 296-7059      
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Department Budget Earnings Report will be available to agencies beginning June 28, 1999

Beginning June 28, 1999, each payroll period on-line agencies can expect to see a KPAY710 Department Budget Earnings Report in their agency mailboxes on the MVS and paper user agencies will be sent a hard copy of the report. The KPAY710 report lists, by department, the funding information contained in the current effective-dated row in the department budget earnings table for your agency. The data elements contained on the report include: department, budget level indicator (i.e., position, position pool), effective date, description, account code, effective status, account (funding agency), fund, org code (index), program (PCA), earnings code (if applicable), sequence #, percent or amount, and agency use.

The KPAY710 will be added to the job schedule and should be available in the agency mailboxes on the workday following the on-cycle confirm date (i.e., usually the Monday of pay date week).