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Accounts and Reports

DATE:  May 19, 2000
SUBJECT: New Vendor for the State of Kansas Business Travel Card Program
EFFECTIVE DATE:   Immediately
A & R CONTACT: Nickie Roberts   (785) 296-7917   (nickie.roberts@da.state.ks.us)
Tim Hund (785) 368-6347 (tim.hund@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: The new contract for the State of Kansas Business Travel Card Program has been awarded to UMB Bank. 

The contract for the State of Kansas Business Travel Card Program has been awarded to UMB Bank. VISA cards/accounts issued by UMB Bank will be made available later this summer. The transition to UMB Bank is being coordinated closely with American Express (the current vendor). The new program will mirror the existing program in most aspects, so the transition is anticipated to be relatively seamless for both cardholders and agency staff. American Express balances will not transfer to the VISA card and each cardholder will be responsible for his, or her, own outstanding American Express balance. It is our intent that there will not be a time when an employee will not have a valid Corporate Card.

The State of Kansas Business Travel Card Program will continue to be divided into two separate programs:

Business Travel Accounts

  • Account number assigned (Card not issued)
  • Issued in agency name
  • No billing cycle dollar limits
  • Restricted to purchase of transportation tickets, by agencies for employees, when purchased from the State Travel Center
  • Enrollment packets to be provided to agencies participating in the existing Business Travel Card Program
  • Start-up kits to be provided to agencies not participating in the existing program
  • Activity reports to be provided

Business Travel Cards (Corporate Cards)

  • Issued to individual employees for travel-related expenses
  • Restricted to employees with an annual minimum salary of $15,000
  • No annual fees
  • $2,500 card limit per billing cycle (Please contact A&R if exceptions are required.)
  • No State liability for charges to cards

Additional details regarding the transition (e.g. closing accounts, etc.) will be communicated to agencies and cardholders as a detailed implementation plan is developed. Program transition information will be available soon at http://www.da.ks.gov/ar/.