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INFORMATIONAL CIRCULAR NO. 00-P-010 (Supersedes Informational Circular 99-P-004) 
DATE:  November 22, 1999
SUBJECT: Board of Regents Institutions
EFFECTIVE DATE:   December 26, 1999
A & R CONTACT: Elaine Harris   (785) 296-7458   (Elaine.Harris@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: approved by Shirley Moses
SUMMARY: Changes to STARS Funding and Providers for Group Health Insurance 

The following provider changes have been made for the State of Kansas 2000 GHI contract, effective with the pay period beginning December 26, 1999 paid January 21, 2000:
  1. Provider contracts expire December 25, 1999. Adjustments can still be processed through June 30, 2001 for CY 1999:
  • BC/BS Traditional: plan type 10, deduction codes BCTRAT and BCTRBT

STARS funding file, fund 7700 index codes 9718 and 9818

  • Community Health Plan: plan type 10, deduction codes COMMAT and COMMBT

STARS funding file, fund 7700 index codes 9723 and 9823

  1. Provider name changes:
  • United Dental will become Protective Dental Care. This is a name change only.

All other information will remain as plan type 11, deduction codes UTDCAT and UTDCBT STARS funding file, fund 7700 index codes 9721 and 9821

Make the above changes in your pay detail and STARS funding files, effective with the January 21, 2000 check issue date. Note: there are no changes to the DA175-176 files.

The attached "Index Codes for Agency and DOA Clearing Funds" replaces the one included with Informational Circular 99-P-004 dated September 24, 1998. All changes listed above are incorporated in this document.


Attachment: Index Codes for Agency and DOA Clearing Funds (.pdf)