Kansas Department of Administration, Office of General Services
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Accounts and Reports

February 27, 2001
Attachment A

WCI Codes Listed By Agency Number

0160000000   Abstracters Board of Examiners   WCI016
0280000000   Board of Accountancy   WCI028
0340000000   Adjutant General   WCI034
0390000000   Department on Aging   WCI039
0460000000   Kansas Dept of Agriculture   WCI046
0550000000   Animal Health Department   WCI055
0580000000   Kansas Human Rights Commission   WCI058
0820000000   Attorney General   WCI082
0830000000   Atny Gen-Ks Bureau of Invstgtn   WCI083
0940000000   Banking Department   WCI094
1000000000   Board of Barbering   WCI100
1020000000   Behavorial Sciences Reg Board   WCI102
1050000000   State Board of Healing Arts   WCI105
1220000000   Citizens Utility Ratepayer Bd   WCI122
1430000000   Corporation Commission   WCI143
1470000000   Corrections Ombudsman   WCI147
1490000000   Board of Cosmetology   WCI149
1500000000   Direct Bill Participant Dept.   WCI150
1590000000   Department of Credit Unions   WCI159
1670000000   Dental Board   WCI167
1720000000   Dept of Admin-Div of Printing   WCI172
1730000000   Department of Administration   WCI173
1760000000   Ks Development Finance Dept.   WCI176
1770000000   Ellsworth Correctional Fclty   WCI177
1950000000   El Dorado Correctional Fclty   WCI195
2040000000   Board of Mortuary Arts   WCI204
2060000000   Emergency Medical Services   WCI206
2340000000   Fire Marshal   WCI234
2460000000   Fort Hays State University   WCI246
2470000000   Ks Comm Gvmtl Stds & Conduct   WCI247
2520000000   Governor   WCI252
2640000000   Dept of Health & Environment   WCI264
2660000000   Bd of Examnrs for Hearing Aids   WCI266
2700000000   Hlth Care Stabilization Fund B   WCI270
2760000000   Department of Transportation   WCI276
2800000000   Highway Patrol   WCI280
2880000000   State Historical Society   WCI288
2960000000   Department of Human Resources   WCI296
3000000000   Dept of Commerce and Housing   WCI300
3130000000   Hutchinson Correctional Fclty   WCI313
3190000000   Topeka Juvenile Correct.Facil.   WCI319
3250000000   Beloit Juvenile Correct.Facil.   WCI325
3280000000   Indigents Defense Svcs St Bd   WCI328
3310000000   Insurance Department   WCI331
3490000000   Judicial Council   WCI349
3500000000   Juvenile Justice Authority   WCI350
3550000000   Atchison Juvenile Correct.Fac.   WCI355
3590000000   Kansas Arts Commission   WCI359
3600000000   Kansas Inc   WCI360
3630000000   Kansas Neurological Institute   WCI363
3650000000   Ks Pblc Employees Retirmnt Sys   WCI365
3670000000   Kansas State University   WCI367
3680000000   Kansas State University-Salina   WCI368
3710000000   KS Technology Enterprise Corp   WCI371
3730000000   Kansas State Fair Board   WCI373
3790000000   Emporia State University   WCI379
3850000000   Pittsburg State University   WCI385
4000000000   Lansing Correctional Facility   WCI400
4080000000   Larned Corr Mental Hlth Fclty   WCI408
4100000000   Larned State Hospital   WCI410
4120000000   Larned Juvenile Correct.Facil.   WCI412
4220000000   Legislative Coordinating CncL   WCI422
4250000000   Legislative Research Dept   WCI425
4280000000   Legislature   WCI428
4340000000   State Library   WCI434
4460000000   Lieutenant Governor   WCI446
4500000000   The Kansas Lottery   WCI450
4820000000   Board of Nursing   WCI482
4880000000   Optometry Board of Examiners   WCI488
4940000000   Osawatomie State Hospital   WCI494
5070000000   Parsons St Hosp & Trng Center   WCI507
5210000000   Department of Corrections   WCI521
5220000000   Corrections Dept-Corrtnl Indus   WCI522
5230000000   Kansas Parole Board   WCI523
5310000000   Board of Pharmacy   WCI531
5400000000   Post Audit Legislative Div   WCI540
5430000000   Real Estate Appraisal Board   WCI543
5490000000   Real Estate Commission   WCI549
5530000000   Kansas Racing Commission   WCI553
5550000000   Rainbow Mental Health Facility   WCI555
5610000000   Board of Regents   WCI561
5620000000   Board of Tax Appeals   WCI562
5650000000   Department of Revenue   WCI565
5790000000   Revisor of Statutes   WCI579
5810000000   Norton Correctional Facility   WCI581
6040000000   School for the Blind   WCI604
6100000000   School for the Deaf   WCI610
6220000000   Secretary of State   WCI622
6250000000   Securities Comm of Kansas   WCI625
6260000000   Kansas Sentencing Commission   WCI626
6290000000   Dept of Social & Rehab Svcs   WCI629
6340000000   Conservation Commission   WCI634
6520000000   Department of Education   WCI652
6600000000   Topeka Correctional Facility   WCI660
6630000000   Technical Professions St Bd   WCI663
6700000000   State Treasurer   WCI670
6710000000   Pooled Money Investment Board   WCI671
6770000000   Unified Judicial Department   WCI677
6820000000   University of Kansas   WCI682
6830000000   Univ of Ks Medical Center   WCI683
6940000000   Veterans Commission   WCI694
7000000000   Board of Veterinary Examiners   WCI700
7090000000   Kansas Water Office   WCI709
7100000000   Ks Dept of Wildlife and Parks   WCI710
7120000000   Winfield Correctional Facility   WCI712
7150000000   Wichita State University   WCI715