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Informational Circular 01-P-049
Attachment 2
June 21, 2001

Notice to Employees

Changes in Income Tax Withholding Effective July 1, 2001

New withholding tables may reduce the amount of income tax withheld from your wages paid after June 30, 2001.

The reductions in tax withholding are due to reduction in the current 28% and higher tax brackets effective July 1, 2001.

The new tables, prescribed by the Department of the Treasury, reflect a change resulting from the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001.

If you do not want to have your withholding reduced, you may want to file a new Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, with your employer. You may claim fewer withholding allowances on line 5 or request additional amounts to be withheld on line 6.