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Accounts and Reports

Informational Circular 02-A-003
August 6, 2001
Page 2

The explanation for appropriations made from the State General Fund (1000), State Water Plan Fund (1800), State Economic Development Initiatives Fund (1900), Children's Initiatives Fund (2000), State Budget Stabilization Fund (2295), Flexible Spending Fund (2555), Kansas Endowment for Youth Fund (7000), Kansas Educational Building Fund (8001), State Institutions Building Fund (8100), Kansas Special Capital Improvements Fund (8110), and the Correctional Institutions Building Fund (8600) follows:

Description Explanation
Legislative Appropriation 
(Original Appropriation and Revisions)
Amount includes original and supplemental legislative appropriations.
Reappropriation Amount of prior year appropriation balance reappropriated and authorized for expenditure in the current year.
Limited Reappropriation
Amount of prior year balance reappropriated but not authorized for expenditure in the current year.
Transfers Amount of appropriation transferred into or out of the account by authorization of the Legislature or executive directives.
Total Available Total of the items cited above including Limited Reappropriation amount.
Less - Lapses (Reversions) Amount of appropriation lapsed for the fiscal year. This is the reversions amount in STARS.
Less - Balances Forward Amount of appropriation balance reappropriated including any limited reappropriation balance.
Total Expenditures Total budgetary expenditures for the fiscal year. This includes both cash expenditures and encumbrances outstanding at year-end.

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