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Accounts and Reports

DATE:  February 24, 2004
SUBJECT: Kansas State Fair - Holiday Inn Lodging Rates
EFFECTIVE DATE:   Immediately
A & R CONTACT: Randy Kennedy (785) 296-2125     (randy.kennedy@da.state.ks.us)
  Leroy Charbonneau     (785) 296-2255 (leroy.charbonneau@da.state.ks.us)
  Shirley Gilchrist (785) 296-2882 (shirley.gilchrist@da.state.ks.us)
  Mark Handshy (785) 296-7021 (mark.handshy@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: The Holiday Inn at Hutchinson has agreed to accept the State's maximum lodging reimbursement rate for the 2004 State Fair.

If your agency has made lodging reservations at the Holiday Inn in Hutchinson for the 2004 State Fair and the rates quoted were in excess of the maximum allowed of $103.50 before taxes ($69.00 + 50% per paragraph 4200 of the Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement Handbook), please contact Kristine Davidson, General Manager, at (620) 669-5200 to adjust the rates down to our maximum rate.