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INFORMATIONAL CIRCULAR NO. 05-P-026 (Supersedes 05-p-024) 
DATE:     March 22, 2005
SUBJECT: Parking Rate Correction for Reserved Parking in Centre City Garage
EFFECTIVE DATE:   Payroll Period Beginning March 13, 2005 and Ending March 26, 2005 Paid April 8, 2005
A & R CONTACT: Roger Basinger     (785) 296-5387     (Roger.Basinger@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Parking Rate Correction for Reserved Parking in Centre City Garage

Effective January 1, 2005, MBI, Inc. increased its parking rates for all spaces leased from the City of Topeka. This rate increase impacts State of Kansas agencies with contracts for parking in the City Centre Garage. Payroll Services increased the parking fees for non-reserved spaces in December 2004, and increased parking fees for reserved spaces when notified in February 2005. At that time, Payroll Services was informed that parking rates for reserved spaces were increasing to $68.00 a month; unfortunately, that rate should have been $68.40 per month. Due to this corrected rate, employees who park in reserved spaces in the Centre City Garage under an agency agreement with MBI will see their parking deduction increase starting with the payroll period beginning March 13, 2005 and ending March 26, 2005, paid April 8, 2005.

The following parking deduction codes are effected by this increase: APKA57 and PPKA57 (used by the Department of Agriculture), APKA58 and PPKA58 (used by the Ethics Commission), APKA59 and PPKA59 (used by the Conservation Commission), APKA60 and PPKA60 (used by the Kansas Water Office), and APKA61 and PPKA61 (used by the Board of Technical Professions). The deduction amount for these codes will increase from $31.38 per bi-weekly pay period to $31.57 per bi-weekly pay period. Parking administrative fee code PKAD50 will increase from $2.40 per bi-weekly pay period to $2.42 per bi-weekly pay period.

The rate increases discussed in the paragraph above were entered in SHARP with a March 26, 2004 effective-dated row, and will be effective for paychecks dated on or after April 8, 2005. This increase will not be made retroactive to January 1, 2005 since the rates in mid-February were backdated, and paycheck adjustments may have already been made using the February 2005 corrected rates. Agencies are reminded that when notified of parking rate increases for the Centre City Garage, it is imperative that the information is shared with the Department of Administration's Parking Office so the rates can be implemented in SHARP in a timely manner.

Due to the complexities created by the late and erroneous rates, agencies' options in collecting the additional amounts due to MBI are limited to either collecting the difference directly from the employees or paying the difference from agency funds.

The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team will make the necessary updates to the SHARP payroll system to effect this change for all employees for whom SHARP calculates pay. Regents' institutions are responsible for ensuring that this change is made in their individual systems.