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DATE:  July 23, 2007
SUBJECT: Expenditure Sub-object Code for Financial Management System  Development Fee
EFFECTIVE DATE:   July 1, 2007
A & R CONTACT: Martin Eckhardt    (785) 296-2661    (martin.eckhardt@da.ks.gov)
Brett Bauer (785) 296-4903 (brett.bauer@da.ks.gov)
APPROVAL: Kent E. Olson
SUMMARY: Establishment of additional expenditure sub-object code to record Financial Management System (FMS) development fee.

In accordance with Senate Bill No. 357, Section 8 (c), Session of 2007, the Secretary of Administration may establish fees and make special assessments in order to finance the costs of developing the Financial Management System. In order to account for the FMS Development Fee, a new expenditure sub-object code is being established under the category “Fees-Other Services” as follows:

2635 Financial Management System Development Fee – Capital Charge:  Reimbursement for costs related to the development, implementation, capital improvements and other costs for the Financial Management System which are not allowable for cost recovery under the federal cost reimbursement regulations. These costs are not chargeable against federal funds and must be paid solely from state funds.

The additional expenditure sub-object code will be reflected in the Uniform Expenditure Classification of Expenditure Sub-object Codes filing (PPM No. 7,002) on the Division of Accounts and Reports web site http://www.da.ks.gov/ar/ppm/.