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Accounts and Reports

DATE:  February 10, 2009
SUBJECT: Freeze in Changes to SHARP Application for Duration of
FMS/Sunflower Project
EFFECTIVE DATE:   Immediately
A & R CONTACT: Kent Olson (785) 296-2314   (kent.olson@da.ks.gov)
APPROVAL: Kent Olson, Director, Accounts and Reports
        Project Director, Sunflower Project
George Vega, Director, Division of Personnel Services
Denise Moore, Director, DISC
        Sponsor, Sunflower Project
Duane Goossen, Budget Director
        Sponsor, Sunflower Project
Carol Foreman, Deputy Director of DoA Administrative Services
        Sponsor, Sunflower Project

SHARP Programming Freeze for the Duration of the FMS Project

The State of Kansas is currently in the process of implementing a new Statewide Financial Management System (FMS). The Sunflower Project Team, in conjunction with the Department of Administration and Executive Sponsors, is dedicated to bringing the Financial Management System online for all agencies on July 1, 2010. The new FMS system will use PeopleSoft Financial Management as the software and will be fully integrated with the Statewide Human Resource and Payroll System (SHARP).

In order to provide the most stable production, development and testing environments possible for the extensive design, programming, and testing required for the success of the Sunflower Project, a programming freeze is being instituted for the Statewide Human Resource and Payroll (SHARP) system. Effective immediately, only changes required to comply with legislative mandates, remain current with system maintenance, or resolve production processing issues will be applied to the SHARP system. The implementation of this freeze will minimize disruption to development, testing and production environments and maximize the resources available to assist in the successful implementation of the new Financial Management System.

Requests for programming action or changes that fall outside of the areas noted above will be reviewed and prioritized for action after a stable processing environment is established following the go live date of July 1, 2010.