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INFORMATIONAL CIRCULAR NO. 13-P-003 Supersedes 12-P-007
DATE:  October 8, 2012                            
SUBJECT: SHARP Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for 2013
EFFECTIVE DATE:   Calendar Year 2013

Earl Brynds


(785) 296-5376





Nancy Ruoff

(Original Signature on File)


SHARP On-cycle and Off-cycle Payroll Processing Schedules for 2013

Attached are the SHARP bi-weekly on-cycle and off-cycle schedules for calendar year 2013.  The attached schedules provide important information regarding the critical payroll processing deadlines for each bi-weekly payroll period. Agency personnel responsible for payroll processing will need to ensure that all appropriate information is entered or submitted by the cutoff dates indicated on the schedules to ensure timely issuance of pay for their employees.

SHARP off-cycle payrolls will generally be processed each Monday and every other Wednesday night and will include all activity entered into SHARP since the last off-cycle payroll.  If a holiday occurs on a Monday or Wednesday, the off-cycle payroll will normally be rescheduled to occur on the following business day.  Payroll payments resulting from the first off-cycle for the payroll period (Run 'A') will normally be issued with the same paycheck/direct deposit date as the on-cycle pay date for the payroll period. Payroll payments resulting from the remaining off-cycles (Runs 'B' and 'C') will normally be dated three working days from the date the off-cycle is processed. SHARP Time and Leave agencies generally have until 6:00 p.m. on Mondays and every other Wednesday to enter adjustments and/or supplemental data into SHARP for processing in that night's off-cycle payroll.   SHARP Time and Labor agencies have until 3:30 p.m. to submit/approve reported time so it is picked up by the Time Administration process. After Time Administration runs, the payable time must be approved by 6:00 p.m. so that the status is ready for payroll processing.

Off-cycle payrolls for Regents' institutions are also normally scheduled for each Monday and every other Wednesday night.  Regents' institutions generally have until 4:00 p.m. on Fridays and every other Tuesday to submit off-cycle payroll interface files.  The Office of General Services must approve all interface files for processing by 5:00 p.m. on the following Monday or every other Wednesday for the files to be processed in that night's off-cycle payroll.   Regents' off-cycle payrolls will be issued with the same check/advice date as the SHARP off-cycle processed the same night.

Two On-cycle schedules are attached-one for v8.9 and one for after the SHARP upgrade to v9.1 (currently scheduled for February 9-12, 2013) when all SHARP agencies will also transition to Time and Labor.  Note that off-cycle B for the 2/2/2013 Pay Period End Date will be cancelled due to the upgrade as marked with asterisks on the Off-cycle schedule.



Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for ON-cycle Calendar Year 2013 (v8.9) xls

Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for ON-cycle Calendar Year 2013 (v9.1) xls

Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for OFF-cycle Calendar Year 2013 xls