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DATE:  January 31, 2013                          

SHARP 9.1 Upgrade HR/Payroll Checklist


EFFECTIVE DATE:   Immediately

See Attachment







Nancy Ruoff

(Original Signature on File)


SHARP 9.1 Upgrade HR/Payroll Checklist Tool for Agencies to use in Preparation for Go-Live Scheduled for February 13, 2013


In preparation for the upgrade to PeopleSoft version 9.1 for SHARP a checklist titled “HR/Payroll Checklist for SHARP Upgrade to 9.1”, attached as Appendix A to this circular, has been developed as a tool to assist agency HR and Payroll staff in completing necessary tasks prior to and following the upgrade.  All agency staff involved in time reporting and payroll processing for an agency are encouraged to review the checklist and utilize this tool to successfully complete the transition to SHARP version 9.1 for their agency.  In addition, a list of central HR and Payroll contacts for various HR/Payroll tasks is included at the end of the checklist.  These contacts are available as resources for agency questions that may arise during this transition.




Appendix A attachment