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Filing No. 11,968
Revision date 07/01/10

Date Issued:   07/01/03

Revisions throughout



Requests for Copies of Paid Checks


To provide procedures for obtaining copies of checks paid.




Agencies may request copies of checks paid only from the State Treasurer’s Office. Form AR-70, “Request for Check Image” must be used to initiate all requests for images of checks paid/redeemed. The request form should be either faxed to the Treasurer at (785) 296-2014 or attached to an email addressed to CheckImage@treasurer.ks.gov . The Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) maintains check images for seven (7) years from the check redemption date, after which time copies are not available.

“Request for Check Image” (Form AR-70) Requirements

1. Request Date – The date the check image request is made.
2. Agency Number – Your five-digit business unit (aka: agency number).
3. Agency Name – The name of your agency.
4. Contact Name – The name of the person making the request. This is the person who will be contacted for additional information or clarification if problems are encountered in retrieving the check image.
5. Phone – The contact name’s telephone number.
6. Please return image(s) via – choose either FAX or E-mail and complete information required to receive image.
7. Check Number – For checks after SMART implementation the 10 digit check number. For checks before SMART implementation the check type number, followed by the seven-digit check number. A list of the valid check types is shown at the bottom of Form AR-70. To retrieve a pre-SMART check image, this field must be eight digits, beginning with the check type number. For example, miscellaneous check #1234567 is written 21234567. The check type number may be obtained from the State Treasurer’s web site shown below.
8. Check Amount – The dollar amount of the check.
9. Check Paid Date – The date the check was redeemed by the State
Treasurer (available at their web site).
10. DIN Number – The Document Identification Number – available at the State
Treasurer’s web site.

Additional Information

The Check Paid Date and the DIN Number may be obtained from the State Treasurer’s web site at http://kansasstatetreasurer.com/prodweb/char/char_1.php .


All requests for information concerning copies of paid checks should be directed to:
State Treasurer’s Office
Checks & Accounting Department
Phone: 785-296-4153 or 785-296-4150
Fax: 785-296-2014

E-mail: CheckImage@treasurer.ks.gov