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Business Procurement Card (BPC) Information

Please Contact Tim  Hund at 368-6347 or email for additional information

One option for purchasing fuel for agency owned or rental vehicles is the business procurement card (BPC).  These are the red cards that central motor pool currently provides in each vehicle as a backup to Fuelman. Agencies who choose this option should contact Tim Hund in the Division of Accounts and Reports. Agencies who have existing BPC programs will need to complete and sign an interagency agreement for a BPC automotive program.  Agencies can then request BPC automotive cards from UMB Bank.  Turnaround time to process the interagency agreements and obtain these cards from UMB Bank is approximately 30 - 45 days.  We are committed to expediting these requests as we are able to do so.

We are offering two card options within this program. The first includes BPC cards for agency owned vehicles.  These are embossed with the agency name and the vehicle number, and are for fuel and minor vehicle repairs.

The second type of account is a new option and includes "generic" BPC automotive fuel cards for use by occasional travelers using rental vehicles. These cards will be authorized for automotive fuel only.  Cards will be embossed with the agency name and identified as “Enterprise 1”, “Enterprise 2”, etc.

Cardholders are responsible for obtaining receipts for all transactions and following all existing BPC reconciliation and approval requirements

Business Procurement Cards  FAQ's

Q. Will the Automotive BPCs cover fuel and repairs or fuel only?

A. There are two types of Automotive BPCs:

1. Agency owned vehicles - These cards will be embossed with the vehicle (state tag) number and will be authorized for fuel and repair/maintenance charges.

2. Rental Cars – These cards will be embossed with “Enterprise1”, “Enterprise 2”, etc. and are authorized for fuel only. The State of Kansas should not pay for any repairs to an Enterprise rental vehicle.

Q. What process should I follow to obtain Automotive BPCs for my agency?

A. The Division of Accounts and Reports has prepared an implementation checklist to outline the process to obtain these BPCs.

Q. Can my agency claim a refund for Federal Excise Tax on BPC fuel purchases?

A. Yes. Additional Details can be found in the Federal Excise Tax section of this information.

Q. How long will it take to receive my Automotive BPCs?

A. At this time, UMB will process card requests as quickly as possible. At the current time, we recommend that you generally allow 10 - 15 working days to receive new cards. We are committed to expedite this process however we can."

Q. Who should sign the back of the Automotive BPCs assigned to agency owned vehicles, or used for Enterprise rental vehicles?
A. We recommend that the same procedure be used for agency automotive BPCs that was previously used by Central Motor Pool:

  1. No signature should be affixed to these Automotive BPCs.
  2. A label stating "For official State business only" should be attached to card signature blocks.
  3. When Automotive BPCs are used, employees should be ready to verify that they are State employees.
  4. Vendors can easily verify that vehicles are either state-owned or Enterprise rental vehicles.