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Vehicle Fueling Information - Wright Express

Please Contact John Lowe at 296-3126 or email for additional information

The Division of Purchases has established a new Motor Vehicle Fleet Card contract. The new contractor is Wright Express. Instructions and forms for obtaining new cards are listed above. Additionally, an informative presentation by Wright Express will be held at 9:00 A.M. on Friday, April 16th in Room 106 Landon State Office Building. The contract with Fuelman will terminate April 30th and all Fuelman Cards will be cancelled on that date.

You will receive Wright Express cards, plastic cardholders and Driver Packets to use when you need to fuel a vehicle. The following are some guidelines for using the WEX Universal Fleet Card:

The cards are assigned to vehicles
Each vehicle is assigned a card that must be kept in the vehicle at all times when not fueling. Each card contains the vehicle identifier in the lower left hand side. All cards come with a plastic cardholder to keep your cards protected. (Please refer to the Vehicle Information tab regarding the WEX fuel card program on your Stateís web site.)

A Driver ID is required to purchase fuel
Each driver must enter a 6-digit Driver Id number, which is the last 6-digits of the social security number. For electronic sales, drivers will be required to enter this number at all pay-at-the-pumps. For electronic sales INSIDE the station, the driver will need to enter this number into a keypad. Drivers will also be prompted to enter the vehicleís current odometer reading. YOU CANNOT OVERIDE THE ODOMETER ENTRY, IT IS REQUIRED.

The cards may be used to purchase FUEL ONLY or Unrestricted
It is up to each individual agency to determine whether or not they want Fuel Only or Unrestricted cards. 

Itís easy to find a station that accepts the card
Major oil merchants accepting the card appear inside the Driver Guide. You will be notified when new oil merchants begin accepting the WEX card. Such stations as Amoco, Citgo, Conoco, Diamond, Kwik Shop, Phillips 66, Sunoco, Shell, Sinclair, Texaco, Shell and Caseyís accept the WEX card.

The Customer Service telephone number is 1-800-492-0669
Wright Express Customer Service is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you encounter a problem at a station or if you need to locate a station in a particular area. The WEX telephone number is printed on the back of each card. A phone authorization number for use by service station attendants is also printed on the back of the card.

Report lost, stolen or damaged cards as soon as possible
Call your fleet manager as soon as possible to report lost, stolen or damaged cards. Your card will be cancelled and a new card will be mailed to the agency contact. 

Each agency has the ability to conduct card and driver maintenance using our WEXonline tool. This tool will also allow you to view your invoice; view transactions as they post to your account, create Purchase Alerts, create Exceptions, view Daily Best Fuel Price and locate gas stations. To sign up for WEXonline, please go to www.fleetenrollment.com. You will be asked to provide your account number as well as some other pertinent information such as your e-mail address. Once submitted, you will be contacted of a User ID and Password that you will need to enter to access WEXonline. Once you have this User ID and Password, you can access your account by going to www.wexonline.com

If you have any questions regarding acceptance or how to use WEXonline, please donít hesitate to contact Sue Koren at 207-523-6611 or Veronica Collins at 248-706-7742.

For additional information on the Wright Express fuel card program, please refer to www.wrightexpress.com.


Wright Express FAQ's

Q. Are cardholders required to obtain receipts when making purchases on the new Motor Vehicle Fleet Card contract with Wright Express? 

A. The Division of Accounts and Reports does not require that receipts be obtained for purchases from Wright Express. Detailed information included in Wright Expressís billing provides reasonable documentation for individual purchases. In addition, card validation and transaction controls contained in Wright Expressís on-line system and available analytical reports provide reasonable control against inappropriate transactions. 

∑ Agencies have the option of requiring that cardholders obtain receipts for all transactions.

∑ When making purchases of items other than fuel, cardholders should be instructed to request that the station attendant enter a detailed description of items purchased into Wright Expressís on-line system.