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General Accounting

STARS Vendor Edit Table

The STARS (STatewide Accounting and Reporting System) Vendor Edit Table is used in the preparation of warrants, capturing data for 1099 reporting, and for other reporting purposes. In order for these transactions to occur, the vendor's tax id number (fein or ssn) must be added to the STARS Vendor Edit Table.  Agencies are responsible for obtaining vendor numbers, adding them to the Vendor Edit Table, and including them, as needed, on payment, encumbrance or other documents submitted for processing in STARS.

The following links are provided for help in that area:

Policy and Procedure Manual filing 11,749 - Vendor Number

Vendor File Guidelines 

1099 & Vendor file problems - Quick Hit list 

Electronic Deposit 

TM-21 - STARS Vendor Edit Table Maintenance Form
DA-130 - Authorization For Electronic Deposit of Vendor Payment
(These and other Accounts and Reports forms can be found on the A&R Forms webpage.)


For questions concerning the STARS vendor edit table or electronic deposit, please contact: