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State of Kansas Interactive Internet Interfunds

The State of Kansas Interactive Internet Interfunds (SOKI3) System was developed in 1999 after years of hearing state agencies express concerns over the existing interfund process in which a document may take from 1 to 6 weeks to process, with the norm being around 2 weeks. The interfund process is defined as the movement of funds for payment of goods/services that agencies have purchased from / provided to one another. This is a cashless system that moves around within the same system. The challenge was to develop a statewide solution to reduce processing effort in a relatively short time frame.

In April, 2001, SOKI3 was expanded to allow additional document processing capabilities. The enhanced electronic document processing system will be known as SOKI3+, and will include the capability for agencies to initiate many of the journal vouchers currently processed by the Audit Services Team, the Appropriations / Master Lease Purchase Team, and the Payroll Processing Team. Agencies will also be able to process receipt distributions from suspense funds and the transactions necessary for credit card processing. Payroll prior period funding adjustments will also be initiated and processed by the SHARP agencies in SOKI3+. Regent Institutions will continue to use the automated DA-35 process for their prior period payroll adjustments.

SOKI3+ continues to allow agencies to process an electronic interfund payment within the same day if necessary, and allows for tracking of documents by central users and agencies, which should be of particular benefit during year-end closing as agencies are determining their year-end obligations for encumbrances purposes. Entry, approval, and release functions are established at the agency level, and system controls limit individual's access to his or her own agency. 

Documents will be stored online for the current fiscal and one prior fiscal year.  After that the documents will be archived on-line and still available for viewing indefinitely. 

Effective with fiscal year 2001 business, paper interfunds are no longer accepted. 

Agencies must process all eligible journal vouchers through SOKI3+ after June 1, 2001. 

Forms associated with implementation of SOKI3+:
DA-116 - Primary Contact Designation - designates your primary agency contact for SOKI3+. The Division of Accounts and Reports will establish this individual's security record. Therefore, this is the individual in your organization who will be responsible for establishing all other user id's for your agency, and will serve as the primary contact point for any communications with the Division of Accounts and Reports. It is the agency's responsibility to notify the Division of Accounts and Reports of any changes in this contact person.

DA-116a - User ID Request and Maintenance - used by the agency's SOKI3+ primary contact person to establish user id's within the agency.

Audit Services Team (Interfunds & Audit Services JVs)
Randy Kennedy     (785) 296-2125     (Randy.Kennedy@da.ks.gov)

Appropriations / Master Lease Purchase Team JV's
Roger Basinger     (785) 296-8083     (Roger.Basinger@da.ks.gov)

Payroll Processing Team JV's
Steve Banning     (785) 296-7059     (Steve.Banning@da.ks.gov)