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SMART Ready Forms


Accounting Forms (Click here for Payroll forms)

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Form Name
File Format


InterUnit Transfer pdf XLSX
DA-6 (rev 05-13) Lost Check Statement - No changes needed to be made to the replacement check.   XLSX
DA-6a (rev 05-13) Lost Check - Address ID change:   Issue  replacement check to a different address ID (the handling code does not change)   XLSX
DA-6b (rev 05-13) Lost Check - Return check to agency -  No address ID change is needed   XLSX
DA-6c (rev 05-13) Lost Check - Return check to agency - Address ID change:    XLSX
DA-7ch Cancellation - SMART Check   Doc
DA-7ach Cancellation - SMART ACH   Docx
DA-7ge Cancellation - SMART GIRO   Docx
DA-7te Cancellation - SMART Travel & Expense   Docx
DA-27(rev 07-11) Notice of Unavailability of the Executive Aircraft pdf  
 DA-32 (rev 06-12) Annual Report - Accounts/Other Receivables   XLS
DA-34 (rev 06-13) Subsistence Extension Request pdf  
DA-37 (rev 06-13) Request for Reduced Subsistence Allowance pdf  

AR-70 (rev 7/1/10)

Request for Check Image pdf XLS
DA-74 (rev 08-12) Application to Establish Change Fund pdf Excel
DA-74a (rev 08-12) Application to Establish Check Cashing Change Fund pdf Excel
DA-89 (rev 7-13) Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)  


DA-82 (7/12) Capital Asset Supplemental Information pdf  



AR-97 (rev 6/11) Claim Against an Agency of the State of Kansas for Services Rendered or Purchases Made in a Prior Fiscal Year For Which Payment Has Not Been Received pdf  
DA-184 (rev 7/1/10) Authorization For Direct Deposit of Employee Pay and or Employee Travel  pdf XLS
DA-115 (rev 7/1/10) Agency Authorized Officials pdf XLS
DA-TBD Agency Request   DOC
GL F003 Department ID Change Request   XLSX
GL F009 Program Change Request   XLSX
GL F016 Encumbrance Request Form   XLSX
GL FTBD Fund Budget Unit Change Request  


TR 001 Agency SMART Trainer Acknowledgement/Expectations Form. Please open a SMART Help Desk Ticket assigned to the SMART Training Team. The SMART Training Team will review the Help Desk ticket containing your training request and will respond via the Help Desk ticket. Thank you.

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DA-184 (rev 7/1/10) Authorization For Direct Deposit of Employee Pay and or Employee Travel  pdf XLS