Kansas Department of Administration, Office of General Services
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General Accounting

Capital Asset & Inventory Reporting

The deadline for capital asset reporting is August 31. Timely submission of this information is necessary so that the Financial Integrity Team can meet critical deadlines related to preparation of the Statewide GAAP Financial Statements. Instructions may be found on Form DA-87 and Accounts and Reports Policy and Procedure Manual, Filing Number 13,001.

Capital Asset Reports due by August 31, 2003

Letter to State Agencies regarding capital asset reporting requirements (October 3, 2001)

Form DA-82 - Certification of Fixed Asset Inspection  

Form DA-87 - Annual Capital Asset Reporting  

Form DA-84 - Land Inventory  

Form DA-86 - Building and Improvement Inventory  

PPM, Filing Number 13,001 - Capital Asset Records 


Questions regarding these reporting requirements should be directed to:

Gail Barnhart      (785) 296-3404    Gail.Barnhart@da.ks.gov

Gary Bond       (785) 296-7217    Gary.Bond@da.ks.gov